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Consider These Delicious Foods That Lower Cholesterol!

A low cholesterol diet is to help people lower their cholesterol. It may be suggested by your doctor if you have too high levels of cholesterol. It involves cutting down on foods that contribute to high cholesterol and will usually include a low fat diet plan.

Low Cholesterol Diet Options

There are a few different types of cholesterol lowering diets. Cholesterol lowering diets involve reducing fat and following a low fat diet plan, as fats have the greatest impact on raising the level of cholesterol in the system. Here are some of the popular ways to lower cholesterol with diet.
  • Mediterranean diet. This diet includes eating lots of grains, fruits and vegetables. You are allowed only a small amount of red meat. Fish and poultry can be eaten and some dairy products are allowed. Wine is consumed with every meal.
  • Vegetarian diet. People on this diet must not eat any meat, poultry or fish. It includes lots of fruits, vegetables and grains. Nuts, seeds and soy products may be eaten.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet. The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to lower cholesterol, as well as lower high blood pressure. It involves eating lots of fruit and vegetables, and including healthy servings from all food groups.
  • Low fat diet. A low fat diet plan will involve reducing the amount of fat that you consume in your diet. It is a very good diet for cholesterol lowering, for losing weight and for other health benefits. Foods that are low in fat (like fruit and vegetables) can be eaten regularly. Foods that high in fat (like red meat, butter and margarine) must be eaten sparingly. Low fat dairy products should be eaten, instead of full fat options.

Foods that Are Low In Fat

In order to lower cholesterol with diet, you will need to reduce the amount of fat in your diet. People who want to lower their cholesterol will need to eat mostly low-fat foods. Here are some of the low-fat, low-cholesterol foods you can choose from.
  • Fruit;
  • Vegetables;
  • Seeds;
  • Nuts;
  • Fish;
  • Whole grains;
  • Brown rice;
  • Cereals.

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