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Brief Introduction of Grapefruit Diet Plan

Grapefruit diets are simple fat burning plans having the all so important beta carotene to squash the killer cholesterol. So it is little wonder that it is called a heart health diet fruit. What's more, a grapefruit diet plan allows you to eat as much as you want. As if it is not enough, the grapefruit diet menu, which runs for a minimum of 12 day period, stresses that you should not eliminate anything from the menu and the more you eat the better, as it helps burn more of the cholesterol. Intriguing? Read on.

Details of Grapefruit Diets

Anyone under a grapefruit diet plan would not hesitate to term it a great fruit diet plan for the virtues. A grapefruit diet menu lets you the freedom of eating as much as you like to while silently helping to burn fat. So, here are the directions to grapefruit diet.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day. And how much do you consider a glass would contain? A glass should contain 8 oz and by 8 glasses a dietician means that you need to drink 64 oz or 2 liters.
  • Eat till you are full without leaving or eliminating anything
  • Don't change the quantity of grapefruit or its juice intake for anything as it is the thing that kindles the burning of fat.
  • Cut up on coffee intake and give up eating white vegetables and potatoes. So also desserts.
  • Foods fried in butter are okay and you can use that butter too. There is no restriction on meat too.
  • Repeat the course in stretches of 12 days with a 2 days break thrown in.
Remember to stick to the grapefruit diet plan for at least 2 ½ months for it to show credible results.
Can You Briefly Explain Sample Grapefruit Diet Plan
The heart healthy grapefruit diet is spread across the whole day. And every time you are required to take grapefruit or its juice, so better stock up the fruits in advance, just in case.
Grapefruit Diet Plan (grapefruit diet menu)
Breakfast: Eat half a grapefruit or a drink a glass of its juice to break the fast. You can have two eggs and two slices of bacon too.

Lunch: The same routine for the grapefruit goes with lunch too. For the side and main courses you can have salad, of course without dressings and as much meat as you like and in any style.

Dinner: Continue the half grapefruit or one glass juice routine to dinner too. Here you have the luxury of enjoying spicy, buttery red or green vegetables and salad. Take meat or fish cooked in any style of your liking. You can have a cup of a coffee or tea.Snack before Bed: This is a simple glass of skimmed milk or tomato juice.

Remember if you choose to take grapefruit juice instead of the fruit itself, keep juice unsweetened as per the dictates of directions to grapefruit diet. With the salad, you can enjoy the variety, for example, you can have spinach, celery, prawn, chicken, avocado and red onion alternately with your favorite salad. In addition, there are dos and don'ts to follow for the heart healthy grapefruit diet to give any result to you. You can consult your dietician for a detailed list.Here is a brief list
Dos of a good grapefruit diet plan:
You can eat red onions, bell peppers, Radishes, Broccoli, Cereal Low-fat / fat free or diet salad dressings etc.
Don'ts of grapefruit diet plan:
Mayonnaise, chilly, potato chips, white onions, cucumbers, any cheese, hot dogs, dill or bread / butter pickles etc.

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