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The Chocolate Diet - Healthy Diet Doesn't Get Tastier Than This

When you talk about chocolate diet, what immediately crosses the mind is how a sweet confectionary can help your health. Chocolate diets are nothing new going by their traditional popularity. The present ones are an addition to what were already known, chocolate diets. The chocolate diet is a product of many confectioners.

What Does Chocolates Contain?

The new chocolate diet is a dark expectorant of cocoa rich in multiple types of antioxidants that promote a healthy heart, protect from cancer and cleans blood vessels. The anti oxidants are flavonoids, epicatechins and gallic acid. Dark chocolate is more potent nutritionally than black tea, red wines and black berries. Where as, you better be aware that white chocolate and milk chocolate does not conform to this formula.

What Is A Chocolate Diet Plan?

The chocolate diet emphasizes eating cocoa powder in capsule with chocolate, while warning that white chocolate or milk chocolate can be negatively effective on the gains you might have made by now. Another thing to mind is, chocolate is a high calorie diet that needs to be balanced by reducing the calorific value of the other foods you take. You must keep these three things in mind. So here is the new chocolate diet plan to go parallel with cocoa capsules.
  • Morning breakfast:
    • Is a glass full of warm water with one table spoon of pure honey
    • Is full of fresh fruits including strawberries and fruit salad
    • Take shredded wheat in non fat milk
  • Snacks in the morning or brunch:
    • Lime water with fruits
    • Pop corns
    • Vegetable Salad with low or no dressings
  • Snacks in the evening:
    • Roasted or barbequed crisp vegetable sticks
    • Fruit Salad with non fat skim milk
    • Pop corn and an oz of chocolate
  • Dinner:
    • Whole wheat pasta or noodles
    • Green Salad
    • Assorted steamed vegetables (preferably green and nutty)
    • For fettuccini use tomato and garlic sauce
All day long, do not control drinking water to less than 6-8 glasses of water. For the sake of change, take freedom to choose between plain water and mineral water. Some dieticians recommend including carbonated water too, which can be considered depending on your liking.

Is There Anything To Avoid In the Chocolate Diet?

As new chocolate diet manufacturers claim that it is enough to just consume their product and live free, quite a few myths needs to be decimated. As with other diet regimen, you would do better avoiding a few things. Here is a generalized list of such things to avoid when you are going about chocolate diet.
  • Alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks and coffee etc
  • Red meat, fried eatables/cookies, junk foods etc.
  • Oil, oily foods, dairy products etc.
  • Sweets, salty foods, sugar, dairy products and other high calorie articles
  • Unauthorized candies, wafers cookies etc.

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