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Brinjal - Health Benefits of Brinjal

Botanical Name: Solamum melongena

Family Name : Solanaceae

The Eggplant , Aubergine or Brinjal ( Solanum melongena ) is a species of Solanum , native to southern India and Sri Lanka. This inexpensive vegetable was known as Malayan purple melon in China. There it was a common food item since 600 BC. May be the shape of first varieties that English speakers came across prompted them to call it as eggplant.

Brinjal plant is erect and herbaceous plant with branched stems. It can grow to a height of 28 inches or more. The alternate, petiolate leaves are ovate-elliptic with an acute apex; they are entirely or lobate-dentate and slightly woolly haired. The flowers, which are carried on pedicels and arise from the leaf axils, have a many-lobed calyx and a many-lobed tubular, violet corolla. The fruit is a large, ellipsoid or globose berry containing firm, fleshy material and a great many brown

Origin and Distribution

Originally from India, this plant was introduced into Europe many years ago and now it is cultivated there. It is seldom found growing wild. It is gathered from summer to autumn.

Properties of brinjal

Hypotensive, antihaemorrhoidal, cholesterol regulator, anti diabetic.

Forms of Use :- Decoction, tincture, ointment.

Food Value of brinjal

Analysis of 100 gm's edible portion of bitter gourd gives the following composition:

Moisture 87%
Protein 1.4%
Fibre 1.3%
Carbohydrate 4.0%
Phosphorus 1mg
Fat 0.3%
Calcium 18 mg
Vitamin C 12 mg
Iron 74 mg
Vitamin B1 0.04 mg
Vitamin B2 0.11 mg

Medicinal Uses & benefits

  1. The fruit is an excellent cholesterol regulator.
  2. It is very effective too, when used externally in a fat or oil-based preparation to relieve haemorrhoidal discomfort.
  3. It is very nutritious and is sometimes referred to as poor man's meat.
  4. It is anti-diabetic and used to check diabetes.
  5. It reduces swellings of legs, its decoction is applied gradually over the parts.
  6. Crush the fruit and squeeze juice. Apply juice on the palm and sole. It will check perspiration acting as sweat preventive.
Preparation of brinjal

This low cost vegetable, brinjal is used in many types of cooking methods, like sauteing, grilling, baking, frying, and even barbecuing. It can be prepared by itself or in combination with other vegetables. The most favourite and delicious dish prepared by this vegetable are enjoyed by the people of northern part of India is the baigan ka bhartha. Brinjal forms one of the main ingredients of the sambhar of south Indians.

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